We’ve recently launched the new version of our digital signage system – signage.phy – and I am pleased to report we now have 7 institutions across Cambridge using signage.phy with 6 more on the way.

One of the features of the new version is the ability to create signage slides and share them with other participating institutions, giving you the ability to share your events across the University in a very lean and efficient way, untangling the spaghetti of finding the right contact person and sending people emails with attachments for them to forward on, or save and upload. This is a great time-saver, leaving you free to get on with your other work. If an institution wants to promote your event, they can incorporate it within their own local signage rotations with the click of a button. We are helping to keep people informed and enhancing the sense of our being a dynamic and vibrant community both internally and to our visitors.

We are currently sharing a number of seminar slides in our “Cavendish Shared” group:


and under our “University Shared” group we are collating general University signage we collect or are sent, to save our friends in other institutions from having to do this – reducing duplication of work – the lean elimination of waste and overburden:


Our latest version also incorporates Booker integration – enabling you to show upcoming events in a screen like this one:


signage.phy provides a digital workplace collaboration tool which helps institutions in engaging with their communities while supporting knowledge sharing and effective communications which reduce paper noticeboards, in a simple way that is supporting our staff and simplifying our processes.

Please support this local but growing initiative – join our IT Transformation Yammer group (https://bit.ly/camitchange), and if you can, join our cross-University collaborative signage community – contact me.

Mike Moriarty
Head of IT Transformation
Department of Physics