IT Services Physics is very pleased to announce new feature updates today to our next-generation people, skills and room search system, lookup.phy Availability, Scope and Personal pronouns.


Availability allows people to set an availability status for their profile – a particularly relevant new feature as we adapt as a community to new working realities.

lookup.phy 2.1.7 – Set your availability for a period of time on your profile

The screenshot shows how a variety of standard messages can be set – or people can type their own. A duration is set after which the status defaults to “Available”, so that – for example – you don’t have to remember to reset your “out of office” message on your return after a period of leave.


Recently we’ve welcomed the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience to the lookup.phy system, and there are now three connected systems:

Searching in each system is local. A new menu at the top of the screen now allows you to select Scope:

lookup.phy 2.1.7 – Scope menu shown above quantum tags

Selecting all allows you to see the results for all institutions. You will also notice that next to a person’s CRSid their affiliations are shown.

lookup.phy 2.1.7 – Scope – institutional affiliation tags shown

You can click on any of these affiliation tags to view a list of people with that affiliation within the system – for example below you can see OURCAMB now highlighted as the scope:

lookup.phy 2.1.7 – Scope – people with a particular affiliation listed

Personal pronouns

Finally, we’ve added in support for personal pronouns in an open text field, as we continue working towards supporting a diverse and inclusive community where people can choose to express their gender identities:

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