We designed and launched our signage.phy digital signage system in happier times, envisaging its use in communicating positive information around the Cavendish Laboratory and across the University. Before the pandemic caused our buildings to close, it saw great success in this role, with signage.phy deployed or in the process of deployment at 15 University institutions. Now we are returning from lockdown, it is taking on a different but still important role from the one we had imagined, ensuring the communication of safety information within our reopened buildings.

Prior to the lockdown, a very exciting development in the brief history of signage.phy was the implementation of a “shared signage” model, in which institutions using the system could share signage slides with others, with these slides either being automatically added to the rotations of others, or added manually on an opt-in basis. For us in the Cavendish, it meant – for example – automatically carrying club and event information from our friends in University of Cambridge Sport. Today, under the “University Shared” signage group, we’ve added a number of HM Government/NHS Coronavirus alert material which we will be displaying on our digital signage screens in the Cavendish Laboratory. As it is within this “University Shared” group, members of our expanding digital signage community can quickly add these to their own signage rotations, or – if you already automatically include “University Shared” as part of your existing digital signage rotations, these important safety messages will appear automatically, with no work on your part required.

The pandemic has shown the importance of sharing information within our buildings quickly, visibly, and more inclusively than other methods such as email, which not all of our colleagues may use. If you haven’t already adopted our digital signage system, please contact us for more information.